Our mission is to take the stress out of job searching and career management.

We are crazy passionate about helping our clients build the careers they want. Our approach is totally grounded in the real world (we’ve been in the Recruiting space for a decade, so we know how to keep it real) and 100% customized to meet your unique needs. We work with job seekers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to create a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or job search strategy that is unique to you, your experience, and your career goals.

Thinking about joining our ever growing list of exceptionally wonderful, totally satisfied, and gainfully employed clients? You’re going to love working with us if:

  •  You’re thinking about changing industries
  •  You’ve worked up the courage to majorly shift your career focus
  •  You simply don’t have time to write your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn page
  •  You’d like an expert opinion on your existing resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn 
  •  Your job search has stalled (you apply for job after job, only to hear crickets)
  •  You haven’t searched for a new job in a while (or ever!)
  •  You just don’t know where to find the right jobs to apply to
  •  You’re not quite sure how to explain that glaring hole in your work history
  •  You’re angling for a promotion or a raise
  •  You need to brush up on your interview skills
  •  You just have some questions about your career or job search
  •  You value sound, actionable expert advice

Sound like you?



Hi! I’m Jaclyn, Founder of The Job Hop. I’m also a job search enthusiast, LinkedIn addict, and certified Senior Human Resources all-star. I got my start in this industry as an agency recruiter, which means that I partnered with awesome companies throughout Silicon Valley to recruit exceptional talent for their open jobs.

I then expanded my recruiting experience as Human Resources Generalist and Recruiting Manager. I had the opportunity to collaborate with executives across lots of different functions to recruit and manage their staff. Plus, I got to sit in on super-secret meetings about hiring decisions, promotions, raises, and performance issues (ick) and gained tons of insight into all the different ways a career can unfold.

But my real passion is all about helping individuals (no offense, companies). So I decided to put all of this great experience to good use. Now I help people like you to achieve their career goals—and it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. There is no greater thrill than getting a call from an ecstatic client who just landed an interview or scored a promotion. It’s the best.

When I’m not dishing out career insights or writing amazing resumes, you can probably find me at the Giants game, hanging out with my dog, kayaking around the bay, wandering aimlessly around a book store, or binging on the latest Netflix release.  I’m also a Bay Area native and proud Chico State graduate.

Contact me today to find out how I can help with your next Job Hop!



Kai has partnered with countless Job Hop clients to create compelling, customized resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and job search strategies. As a specialty recruiter and consultant, she has the inside scoop on what hiring managers are looking for. She also happens to be a professional writer with expertise spanning strategic and tactical content creation across brand development, website creation, blogging, ghostwriting, personal bios, business cards and more!

So yeah, she's basically the best.