Our mission is to take the stress out of job searching and career management.

We are crazy passionate about helping our clients build the careers they want. Our approach is totally grounded in the real world (we’ve been in the Recruiting space for a decade, so we know how to keep it real) and 100% customized to meet your unique needs. We work with job seekers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to create a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or job search strategy that is unique to you, your experience, and your career goals.

Thinking about joining our ever growing list of exceptionally wonderful, totally satisfied, and gainfully employed clients? You’re going to love working with us if:

  •  You’re thinking about changing industries
  •  You’ve worked up the courage to majorly shift your career focus
  •  You simply don’t have time to write your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn page
  •  You’d like an expert opinion on your existing resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn 
  •  Your job search has stalled (you apply for job after job, only to hear crickets)
  •  You haven’t searched for a new job in a while (or ever!)
  •  You just don’t know where to find the right jobs to apply to
  •  You’re not quite sure how to explain that glaring hole in your work history
  •  You’re angling for a promotion or a raise
  •  You need to brush up on your interview skills
  •  You just have some questions about your career or job search
  •  You value sound, actionable expert advice

Sound like you?




Hello! I’m Jennifer, and I’m all about helping you create the career of your dreams. As the owner of The Job Hop, I’m thrilled to lead an exceptional team of experts in advising our wonderfully diverse clients in all things career. Whether you need to freshen up your resume, create a LinkedIn profile from scratch, or just want some no-nonsense advice, we’ve got you covered. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the tech, finance, and consulting space, I’ve developed a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. It certainly isn’t easy, but with so many new and exciting opportunities popping up every single day, there’s never been a better time to build a career. I love drawing upon my own experiences as a hiring manager and a job seeker to help our clients score interviews, land jobs, and make big moves.

In addition to leveraging my experience as a hiring manager to advise job seekers, I’m also a certified life coach with expertise in a variety of holistic healing and yoga practices. This allows me to tailor a well-rounded plan for each and every client. There’s no one size fits all approach here – we tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

When I’m not writing incredible resumes or sharing career insights with our clients, you’ll probably find me hiking with my dog, paddleboarding on the bay, gardening or planning my next travel adventure. I’m also an avid writer, painter, and photographer.

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Kai has partnered with countless Job Hop clients to create compelling, customized resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and job search strategies. As a specialty recruiter and consultant, she has the inside scoop on what hiring managers are looking for. She also happens to be a professional writer with expertise spanning strategic and tactical content creation across brand development, website creation, blogging, ghostwriting, personal bios, business cards and more!

So yeah, she's basically the best. 


Meet Bryanna!

Bryanna is a passionate and savvy resume writing professional, who has helped countless Job Hoppers convey their captivating abilities and talents to employers. As a prior recruiter and a now marketer in the technology industry, Bryanna understands the job seeking world from both the employer’s and candidate’s perspective. As a great lover of stories, Bryanna holds a BA in Journalism, where she uses her  craft to help career seekers turn their experiences into powerful and accomplishment-driven testimonials, which in turn convert into interviews.